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Keyboard Case Turns iPad Into Tiny MacBook Air



The NoteBookCase for iPad2 is a freaky-deaky Bluetooth keyboard case which turns your iPad into a tiny ten-inch MacBook Pro. Kinda. The case, which looks most authentic with a white iPad inside, adds a keyboard and stand to the iPad within, but it doesn’t stop there.

Most keyboard cases will prop up the iPad and allow you to control things like volume and brightness with hardware keys. But the NoteBookCase from Rakuten goes one better, by packing in a battery, and making the whole thing look like a tiny little MacBook.

In the side of the case are a pair of USB ports. One for plugging into the mains and charging the device itself, and one for connecting to the iPad an charging it. You can of course plug in any other USB powered device that you might want to charge.

It’s a clever idea, and stretches the iPad’s already impressive battery life yet further. If you want one, you’ll need to dust off ¥5,980, or around $74.

[Via 9to5Mac]