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iPhone Shutter Grip Adds Grip And Shutter Release To iPhone



This is the iPhone Shutter Grip. Can you guess what it does? That’s right: It adds a handgrip and a shutter release to your iPhone, letting you snap pictures one handed, and generally take photos without dropping the iPhone.

It even has a built-in tripod mount, and a secret second button.

The iPhone Shutter Grip comes from Photojojo, and will cost you just $40. It is adjustable, so it will clamp onto your iPhone 4 whether it is naked or dressed in a case, and talks to the iPhone via the 30-pin connector.

Aside from the big black button for snapping a photo, there is a smaller red button which can be used to capture video. My Panasonic GF1 has this same setup and its surprisingly useful to be able to shoot a quick clip without changing modes.

To manage its magic, the grip needs to be paired with the Belkin LiveAction app, which is free from the App Store. So you can’t use it directly with Instagram, but then again, I find taking photos from within Instagram itself to be a pain anyway.

If I had an iPhone, I’d be all over this like urine on a mens room toilet seat. As it is, I just have to hope somebody comes up with a way to add a shutter button to the iPad which — despite its great new camera — is still really hard to take pictures with.