Animation Studio Behind Funny Steve Jobs Videos Is Up For Sale



Remember those funny animated videos from Taiwan, one of which depicted Steve Jobs as a throwing-star toting ninja? The videos were always silly yet slightly informative, but recent news about the company behind them says they might be a thing of the past. Next Media Ltd is trying to sell off their animation division for $500million after suffering heavy cash losses over the past year or so, which may spell an end to funny animated news.

Next Media Ltd is owned by Jimmy Lai who has become a sort of “Rupert Murdoch of Beijing.” The firm does more than just the funny animation videos of current events that have gain internet popularity, but with a staff of over 400 employees in the animation department, Next Media has found it difficult to make money off the division thanks to heavy competition in Taiwan’s media landscape. There are currently over 100 cable TV channels in Taiwan, including six 24-hour news stations. Along with the animation department, Jimmy Lai is also trying to sell the weekly edition of Next Magazine and the Apple Daily newspaper. Both of which have been commercially successful and are included in the $500 million dollar package to attract an acquisition.

Sadly, it looks like we’ll have to wait for someone else to come create a video of Tim Cook and Bob Mansfield, drunk out of their minds, running around Chuck E. Cheese’s pretending to be Jedi.

[via Taipei Times]