Unleash The Power Of The Keyboard Comma Swipe On Your iPad [iOS Tips]


Keyboard Comma Swipe

There are lots of hidden features in the iPad keyboard, but here’s one that will help you shave off a millisecond or two, raising your typing speed and productivity in one fell swoop. Or swipe. Here’s how.

When typing on your iPad, you can access the apostrophe by tapping the .?123 key and then tapping the apostrophe key to the right of the keyboard. Similarly, you can hit the same .?123 key and then tap the double quote key. If you don’t want to hit two keys, you can find the apostrophe hidden in the comma/exclamation point key. The double quotation mark is hidden in the period/question mark key. If you tap and hold on the comma key, for example, you’ll type an apostrophe. Same with the period key; hold it down to reveal the double quotation.

If you want to speed that up, however, swipe UP on the comma key and you’ll type an apostrophe that much quicker. In the same way, swipe up on the period key to get a double quotation mark. Pretty slick, if you ask us. Give it a try in your favorite note taking app, then lord this new knowledge over your co-workers or friends who are still tapping a whole two to three times more often than you are to type apostrophes and double quotation marks.

[Source: Macworld]