MyWi Update Brings iOS 5 Compatibility, Faster Speeds, Wi-Fi Sharing & More [Jailbreak][Update]


The latest MyWi update brings free (but illegal) tethering to iOS 5.
The latest MyWi update brings free tethering to iOS 5.

MyWi is widely regarded as one of the best jailbreak utilities for the iPhone, allowing users to turn their smartphone into a Wi-Fi hotspot and share its data connection with other devices without paying additional carrier charges. Its latest 5.5 update brings iOS 5 compatibility (finally!), faster speeds, Wi-Fi sharing, and more.

If you’re wondering why iOS 5 compatibility took so long, it’s because MyWi has been rewritten from the ground up. Not only does it bring bug fixes and greater reliability, but it also brings new features that MyWi users will welcome with open arms.

Here’s the full change log:

  • All new from scratch, total rewrite for iOS 5.x users.
  • Faster initialization/broadcast of hotspot.
  • Faster connection speeds.
  • WEP and no encryption re-supported for iOS 5.X.
  • Greater reliability.
  • Many bug fixes.
  • New Wi-Fi sharing.
  • MyWi On Demand now uses Bluetooth tethering to activate Wi-Fi hotspot.

That’s a pretty great selection of new features, wouldn’t you agree? The biggest, of course, is support for iOS 5, which has been available to the public since last October.

If you already have MyWi, then, as you’d expect, the update is free. If you’re yet to try it, you can enjoy a three-day free trial, then pay $19.99 if you decide to keep the service. It’s worth noting, however, that it is completely against your carrier’s terms.

UPDATE: Some readers are reporting that MyWi was compatible with iOS 5 prior to the latest update. The other new features really are new, however.

[via Redmond Pie]

  • RyanTV

    That’s strange because I’ve been using MiWi on iOS 5 ever since it was jailbroken.

  • James Logan

    I will agree MyWi is the best, PDAnet just doesn’t compare. The issue I have with MyWi after investing in it since OS 3 something is that they have not put a “hide tether” option in there. PDAnet will hide the traffic and have it appear to be mobile data. With AT&T and their big crackdown on tethering without a plan this app just aids in getting jacked. If this feature is in there and I just don’t know where it is please let me know.

  • mr_bee

    I think it’s hilarious that in the USA they actually charge more for tethering and that people actually pay for it too. :) It’s your contract, and your data allowance that you are paying for with the iPhone. Why should any cell company tell you to pay more for just doing it a different way? Not in my country thankfully.