Apple Reveals Online Store Will Soon Get ‘Dramatically Simplified User Interface’


Apple's new online store hopes to make make it even easier for you to hand over your cash.
Apple's new online store hopes to make make it even easier for you to hand over your cash.

Apple is set to overhaul its online store to introduce a “dramatically simplified user interface” that will make spending your hard-earned cash on Apple goods easier than ever before. And this isn’t just another story fresh from the rumor mill; it was revealed by Apple itself.

The Cupertino company has posted a notice on the top of its online education stores that are aimed at kindergarten through 12th grade institutions. Simply titled “The new Apple Store,” the notice announces a number of changes that will “make it easier to do business with Apple.”

The new Apple Store

Apple is launching a new online store, which is your tool to shop and place orders with Apple. Proposal creation, order status, and a dramatically simplified user interface will make it easier to do business with Apple — all in a secure and reliable environment.

Getting Ready
The transition to the new store will be easy. Your current Apple ID and password will continue to work. In the coming weeks, you will receive more information on the store’s features, benefits, and launch date.

Because the notice has only been placed atop the store for K-12 buyers at this point, it’s believed that it only applies to these speciality stores designed for education. In the future, however, it’s likely it will rollout to the general storefront if it’s successful.

[via AppleInsider]

  • Visitors

    Guess this means the Education loophole will be closed. :(

  • Michael Dotson

    What education loophole? It only game me 100 bucks off when I tried buying after picking my school. Am I missing something?