Apple Testing 7.85-Inch iPad In Super Secret Cupertino Lab [Rumor]


How would a smaller iPad fit into Apple's iOS product lineup?
How would a smaller iPad fit into Apple's iOS product lineup?

Rumors of a smaller iPad just won’t die. After months and months of speculation followed by debunking, the idea that Apple release a 7-8-inch iPad still persists.

Well-informed and long-time Apple pundit John Gruber recently dished on the possibility of a 7.85-inch iPad being testing in Apple’s super secret Cupertino labs.

Gruber revealed some knowledge of a smaller iPad prototype during his podcast with Dan Benjamin on the 5by5 network, The Talk Show. Episode 86 features a conversation in which Gruber reveals that Apple is “noodling with” a 7.85-inch iPad with a 1024×768 resolution. Gruber said he learned from numerous sources that “they [Apple] have one in the lab.” He described it as being “just like the 9.7-inch iPad shrunk down a little bit.” He drew the conclusion that “the apps wouldn’t need to be redesigned or recompiled to work on it.” Gruber has proven to have accurate knowledge of Apple’s future products over the years.

Gruber added that he has no knowledge of whether such a product will ever see the light of day (stating he “wouldn’t be surprised if it never ships”), but it can definitely be assumed that Apple is tinkering with the idea. The possibility of the tablet shipping right after WWDC this summer was suggested on The Talk Show.

Overseas supply chain rumors have said that Apple is manufacturing a 7-inch iPad, with some adding that such a device will be released later this year. Publications like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal have also said that Apple is working on a smaller tablet.

[via The TechBlock]

  • That_Dan_Person

    There all ready is a iPad mini. It’s called the iPod Touch/iPhone. Just give the iPhone a 5″ screen and call it the mini.

  • Phillly

    Not much of a secret now is it? I agree with Dan.

  • Daniel Fernandes

    @ Dan Miller… I disagree with you. a 3.5 inch display is just the way it should be. I’m not saying that this will not be changed, but why do they do that? One of the biggest problems of Android OS is the fragmentation, and making an iPhone with a 5 inch screen would exactly do that.
    I’ve been playing arround with a Galaxy S II and it’s just awful. The screen is too big for my fingers… I always have to type with both hands, otherwise I need to stretch my finger when I try to reach “Enter” or another letter from the right of the keyboard (yes, I write with my left hand).
    3.5 inch screen is good because it fits just right (and don’t forget that apple screen “wins” extra space because there’s no Home Button on the screen.

    Same thing with the iPad… Fragmentation is bad and the compiled OS just doesn’t work. Check the new iPad… a lot of apps had to be redisigned because they were built in a specific pixel number. That’s exactly what is going to happen when this iPad mini reach the market (if it will), unless Apple puts the same pixels on a much smaller screen.

    If you want an iPad mini just buy an iPhone.