Sparrow For iPhone 1.1 Brings Built-In Browser, Customizable Icon Badges, But Still No Push


There's still no push in Sparrow 1.1, but Sparrow promises it's coming.
There's still no push in Sparrow 1.1, but Sparrow promises it's coming.

Sparrow for iPhone just got its first update since hitting the App Store last month, and it already brings several new features, including a built-in web browser, customizable icon badges, and clever archiving. There’s still no push function, however, Sparrow promises its coming, “with or without Apple.”

Sparrow version 1.1 brings:

  • Send & Archive.
  • Show/hide dock badge per account: Customize your icon badges to show unread emails only from certain accounts, as opposed to all of them.
  • Only show specific labels and folders: It’s simple; hide the labels you don’t need.
  • Built-in web browser: Forget switching between Sparrow and Safari to open links; you can now browse the web right within Sparrow.
  • Empty trash and empty spam: Delete unwanted emails in bulk.
  • Option to include attachments: You’ll now be able to choose whether or not you’d like to include any attachments when forwarding an email.

Bug fix:

  • Authentication issue with some Google apps account
  • Custom SMTP for Alias
  • Compatibility with mail servers
  • Video attachments are now shown full-screen
  • Swipe gesture to add custom account
  • Improves mail servers detection
  • More

The Sparrow team is already hard at work on version 1.2 of the app, which they promise will include localization in 9 languages, landscape mode when composing messages, and the ability to swipe up and down between messages.

There’s still no push support, however, but Sparrow promises its coming “with or without Apple”:

Thanks to your amazing support, we feel confident that Apple might revise its position on the Push API. We’ll submit a first version of Sparrow 1.2 including it. This might delay Sparrow 1.2 validation but we’re already working with some partners to include Push in future versions of Sparrow without needing Apple clearance.

Push is coming. With or without Apple.

  • mr_bee

    I don’t find Sparrow for iPhone interesting at all. Unless you use only Gmail exclusively, there is almost no reason to use it over the built-in client.

    The iPad email client is so bad however, I would totally buy Sparrow for iPad if they get it right. I think the management at Sparrow must be insane. Focussing on POP support before making an iPad client?