One-Third Of High School Students In The U.S. Have An iPhone


The amount of high school students with an iPhone is on the rise.

The sale of Apple’s iPhone has been off the charts, after the company sold a record amount of handsets last holiday quarter. Today we have some more insight on where a large chunk of those sales are going. According to a new report, one-third of high school students in the U.S. are owners of Apple’s iPhone. Even a larger amount indicated they hope to pick up the iPhone during the next six months. 

Analyst Gene Munster, representing firm Piper Jaffray, has published the firm’s semi-annual survey of teenagers in the U.S. The study found that the majority of iPhone sales to teenagers are the cheaper $49 iPhone 3GS model.

In our most recent survey the percentage of teens that own an iPhone came in at 34%, up from 23% in the Fall and 17% last Spring. We believe the meaningful uptick in iPhone ownership among teens may be driven by the cheaper $49 iPhone 3GS (in some cases free). Interest in purchasing an iPhone in the next 6 months rose to 40% (another all-time high vs. our previous surveys). Purchase intent was at 38% in our last survey in the Fall.

Most likely due to holiday sales, the number of teens with an iPhone has risen to 34%, up from 23% last fall. Parents most likely looked at Apple’s iPhone 3GS model as a good, low-cost and sometimes free option, for their teenagers.

The amount of teenagers that want an iPhone is also on the rise. The study found that 40% of the teenagers studied were looking to buy an iPhone during the next six-months.

At my high school, the number of teenagers with an iPhone seems to be more like two-thirds of the school’s population. Everywhere you look people seem to be on their iPhone, and those who don’t have an iPhone, want one. An also interesting fact is that most of them are currently hooked on the popular game Draw Something.

As for the other 2/3 of teenagers studied, they’re most likely using Android and feature handsets. But it sounds like the majority of them want an iPhone, as indicated by the study.

Teenagers, what’s the ratio of iPhone users at your high school? And parents, which iPhone model have you purchased for your children?

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