Foxconn Recruiter Claims iPhone 5 Will Arrive In June


The iPhone 5 probably won't look like this... or arrive in June.
The iPhone 5 probably won't look like this... or arrive in June.

Apple broke away from its traditional June iPhone unveiling last year, delaying the iPhone 4S announcement until early October instead. The company is widely expected to do the same with the iPhone 5 — likely to be called the “new iPhone” — this year, but according to one Foxconn recruiter, it’ll arrive in June like many of its predecessors.

During an interview with TV-Tokyo, a recruiter for Foxconn’s growing Taiyuan plant inadvertently mentioned plans to add 18,000 workers to the 80,000 already recruited there “for the fifth-generation phone.” He believes the device will make its debut in June.

Of course, it’s unlikely that a Foxconn recruiter has any real inside knowledge of Apple’s plans, and that claim could simply be based on Foxconn’s recruiting drive for an additional 18,000 workers. What seems more likely is that the device will enter production in June, ready for a launch in October.

Recent rumors have suggested the new device will feature LTE connectivity — which has been backed up by the new iPad — Apple’s new A6 processor, and possibly even a larger display. It’s also expected to boast a new “teardrop” design with an aluminum backing much like the iPad’s.

[via Electronista]