This Stupid iPhone Concept Is… What?!? I Don’t Even… [Gallery]


Uh huh. Whatever. But wait, it gets stupider!

When we first saw Nokia’s 808 PureView — a Symbian-powered phone that can putput SLR caliber photographs thanks to some sophisticated, satellite-grade oversampling technology and an absurd 41MP camera sensor — we were totally blown away by the quality of the images it took, but knew it would never come to the iPhone, because the frickin’ camera module took up half the back of the camera body.

But what if it did? What if Nokia’s PureView technology came to the iPhone. Well, you’d get something that looked like this monstrosity… except it would take way better pictures, because this iPhone only has a 1.2MP cam. What?

This design concept by Jinyoung Choiis called the iPhone Pro, and features a 1.2 MP 3D camera (novelty), interchangeable lenses (hopelessly niche), a 4.5-inch display (never going to happen) and a removable hard disk (lolwut).

In other words, never going to happen, but dare to dream, Jinyoung! We’ll dare to snigger. Two 3D cameras peering down one lens? Heh. Quite the imagination you’ve got there.














  • Tobias Kami?ski

    The add-on lenses are uuuuglyyyy. A 3D camera would be nice, however.

  • Benjamen Scott

    I think there might actually be something to this… Think about it for a second: Apple has improved upon the iPhone so much in just a short span of time (hardware wise at least) that they’re running out of room to grow. I believe that’s a main reason why the 4S was so similar to the iPhone 4. The camera is obviously a main tentpole that Apple is running with as a great feature, and they continue to improve on that as much as possible. It seems logical to me that Apple could push towards DSLR lens-attactchable iPhones. I don’t see it in the near future, but imagine – your DSLR camera fits into your pocket and is a smartphone, all you have to do is travel with a minimal lens if you want higher quality photos.

    As for the 3D, that’s unnecessary. Hollywood pushed the concept hard after Avatar blew up, but it’s a novelty that’s losing interest. I think it’s harmful to the culture in our media, I do not want it on my phone.

  • Blake Beavers

    But, but… I NEED A 4.5″ screen!

  • ubuniz

    This is freakin awesome! So much potential and practicality.

  • Chris Clarkson

    Better than any concept you have come up with, CultOfMac. Oh, what was that? No response? Didn’t think so…

  • markrlangston

    As already mentioned, a removable HDD is about as ridiculous as it sounds from a company that practically started the idea of making devices without removable components (iPod, Mac mini, MacBook Air, all iOS devices) while the competition is just starting to catch on.

    Secondly, who’s to say that Apple isn’t working on a lens that has the potential to be just as powerful and versatile as a traditional lens? The 4S’s claim to fame was that it was a legitimate replacement for a standard point-n-shoot. The next iPhone could have some god-like tech that allows the lens to zoom just like a traditional lens without the need to tote a bag around with extra lenses.

    Apple continues to amaze year after year and there’s nothing to suggest that market leading innovation will slow down. An iPad with a Retina Display was considered insane when the iPhone 4 first launched and look where we are today.

  • por2gal4ever

    it looks like a Samsung Galaxy Note with the charging of the Palm Pre with a little bit of the Sony NEX camera Nice!!!!!

  • SevanGrim

    lol brownlee, even when you get it right you get it wrong. The only silly concept here is the removable drive (if anything, Apple would begin selling an extra dock-connector storage dongle). But with all this talk of pro’s taking iPhone pictures instead of camera pictures theres no reason not to add lenses. With Apple trying to kill the hand-held gaming market, why wouldnt they add 3d to it? And you do realize that the only reason we dont want larger screens is because Apple said we dont… right? The truth is the screen size thing is an individuals preference, which is why some people are still buying and very happy with Android phones. The 4’s JUST came out, so if the 5 had a larger screen, people who didnt like it could just go back half a generation.
    If you were even kind of TRYING to be a journalist, you would have kept a bias view and said that “while these are cool concept designs, its unlikely they would fit into the style the Apple product line has always shown.”
    … but your just a shock-blogger, arent you?