Apple Store Employees Will Have To Work More Hours And Weekends To Keep Their Jobs


Apple's going to start asking a lot more from these guys if they want to keep their jobs.

Apple’s retail experiment isn’t just a rousing success, it’s an explosive engine that takes ever increasing numbers of staff members to keep under control. More and more people are getting jobs at their local Apple Stores… and Apple’s demanding more and more out of them if they want to keep their jobs.

According to iFOAppleStore, starting April 15th, all full-time employees will need to work at least two out of three weekend days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and part-time staff will need to start clocking in during the regular work week.

Soon, Apple will add Friday to its official list of “weekend days,” and full-timers must work two of those three days, or possibly a shift that includes both Saturday and Sunday. The changes will affect Family Room and Red Zone Specialists, Creatives and Geniuses, and seems to stem from a recognition of increased store traffic on Fridays.

In addition, the length of a minimum part-time weekly shift will soon go up to 24 hours from 16. If you can’t do 24 hours a week, you can’t work at the Apple Store.

That all seems pretty harsh, but Apple, at least, seems to be aware they’re asking a lot, and will in response try to do a better job at making sure workers can get time off when they need it. That said, it appears Apple realizes that it’ll soon lose at the very least a chunk of part-timers.

  • Matthew Gonzales Landry

    I wanted to work at Apple but :/. With School, I don’t think I could do 24 hours a week.

  • Rowanovadale

    Could it also be that Apple has some updated products to be released soon that will create increased store traffic? The MacBook Air and MacBook Pro lines have been swirled in rumors for a while now. MacBook refreshes would be welcome by a lot of users/fans if they come with some, or all, of the rumored spec and feature bumps. Will hope… :-)