Nokia Mocks The iPhone’s ‘Death Grip’ In New Ad Campaign



With its Lumia 900 set to make its much-anticipated debut in the U.S. on April 8, Nokia has kicked off a new advertising campaign called Smartphone Beta Test, in which it mocks devices like the iPhone and Android-powered rivals. Its most noticeable stab is at the iPhone’s “Death Grip,” which can be seen in the clip above.

The Finnish firm also pokes fun at devices that appear “washed out” when you use them out in the sun. This is an issue almost all smartphones suffer with, including the iPhone’s Retina display. But Nokia obviously feels its ClearBlack screens are immune to it.


Finally, in what is clearly a swipe at Android devices, Nokia mocks fragile handsets with poor build quality. This certainly isn’t a problem with the iPhone, but it can be an issue with plastic Android handsets.

Nokia isn’t the first company to mock the iPhone, and it certainly won’t be the last; Samsung also enjoys laughing at the iPhone and its users. Isn’t jealousy just awful?

  • Clark Wallace

    Apple should release a video mocking Nokia and how sh*t Symbian OS is.

  • Ryan Simmons

    Death Grip was so last year…

  • Matthew Gonzales Landry

    Just like Nokia to be late for the party. But they’re still going up against the iPhone 4, remember, guys? The Lumia 900 has iPhone 4 specs. It doesn’t compete with the iPhone 4S. I’d still actually rather get an iPhone 4 over the Lumia 900.

  • Jdsonice

    Hum! Nokia is a little bit late to the market with its smartphone (is it really smart?), its advertising and the subject of its ad. Now with all that I wonder if the phone will be late too?

  • Paul Lloyd Johnson

    Wow, they really don’t realise how irrelevant they have become do they?

  • Jason Allen

    Typical Nokia, late releasing a phone with last years spec and advertising that mocking an old device.. . Fantastic marketing.. . Someone should send them an email reminding them its 2012.