SwipeBack Lets You Navigate Back Through iOS Menus With A Swipe [Jailbreak]


SwipeBack is a great way to navigate back through iOS menus with a swipe.
SwipeBack is a great way to navigate back through iOS menus with a swipe.

SwipeBack is a new tweak for jailbroken iPhones that allows you to elegantly navigate back through your menus by swiping your finger across your screen, rather than tapping on the buttons at the top of the display. It’s currently still in beta, but it works well and you can get your hands on it now.

SwipeBack comes from developer Ryan Petrich, who is famous for all sorts of hugely popular tweaks like Belfry, ContactPrivacy, RetinaPad, and more. Here’s a video of the tweak in action from our friends over at iDB:


To install SwipeBack, you’ll need to add Ryan Petrich’s beta repo (http://rpetri.ch/repo/) to your sources. Because it’s still in beta, you won’t find it anywhere else.

  • howie_isaacks

    Nice feature, but I don’t want to jailbreak to get it. We should submit this to Apple’s feedback website, along with anything else we want to see get added. With all of the emphasis that Apple places on swiping, this should have been a feature in the Settings app since the very beginning.

  • ubuniz

    Too bad, youre dealing with apple here, you have to jail break it. Thats the one thing I really miss on my ipad 2, a back button. I hate having to go to the top of the page to go back? Which genius decided to do that idk. It might work ok on the iphone but not on the ipad. Either way, great hack.

  • ubuniz

    I just realized this does not work on the ipad, where it really should be used… hopefully the final version will add that.