Be A Savvy App Shopper: Tips For Getting Apps For Less


Photo by {Flixelpix} David -
Photo by {Flixelpix} David -
  • veero

    Not saying anything new here but there are layers upon layers of bonuses for the savvy shopper. There are link referral sites that give cash back (email me if there are any questions about where to go), and then there are retailers that give loyalty points/coupons for purchases, and of course using a credit card (wisely) with bonuses back…. beyond the 15-20% off the iTunes gift card one could stack up another 3-4% off of the cost with these layered bonuses back.

  • juanbvila
  • PoliticsOfFear

    Another fun fact about iTunes Gift Cards is that they also work in the Mac App Store.

  • MassapequaInfo