Add Downloaded Media To iTunes Automatically [OS X Tips]


Automatically Add to iTunes

Dragging media files to iTunes after you’ve downloaded them is so last year. All the hip kids get their downloaded files into iTunes without any intermediate steps. Here’s how to be one of the auto-adding-to-itunes elite.

First up, head into your home folder and find the Music folder. Open that to find the iTunes folder, and open it. Inside, you’ll find the iTunes Media folder, which in turn has a folder called “Automatically Add to iTunes.” Click on this once to select it, and either hit Command-L on your keyboard or select “Make Alias” from the File menu. Place that new alias on your desktop or in the Downloads folder for easy acces.

Next, point your downloads to that alias. Let’s say you have a specific source for your media files, and a specific app that downloads them. Open that app and set the Download directory to your newly created alias. It might not be a good idea to set your web browser download folder to that, unless you only download media files that iTunes can handle.

Once all that is set up, use your preferred media download app (SoundCloud, anyone?) to grab some files and start them downloading. The app will send the downloaded media file to the aliased Automatically Add to iTunes folder, and voilá! No more dragging from the Downloads folder to the iTunes icon, waiting for iTunes to copy the file, and then deleting it.

[Source: OS X Daily]

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  • john4043

    or you could just use hazel…

  • Joel Alvim

    How is this different from downloading straight to iTunes’ media import folder ? Just sayin…