Make Your Own Playlists Right On the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch [iOS Tips]


Create Playlists On iPhone

Ever spend hours chained to your desktop computer, painstakingly creating the perfect playlist for your workout, a party you’re planning, or that special someone? If so, you know how creative and rewarding the process can be. What if you could do that very same thing while on the go? Without dragging your entire computer along with you? Well, it turns out that you can, and we’re here to help!

First up, launch the Music app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. If on an iPhone or iPod touch, tap the Playlists tab on the bottom left of the screen, then the Add Playlist button, which is just below the Genius Playlist at the top. If using an iPad, simply tap the Add button (the one with the plus on it) at the lower left of your screen.

Once that’s done, name the playlist and use the Add button to select songs you want in the playlist from the ones you have installed on your iOS device. You can filter your music using the Songs, Artists, Albums, Genres and Composers tabs, or just hit the Add All Songs or Albums option. Once finished, hit the Done button.

Want to edit those playlists on the go? If you’re on your iPhone or iPod touch, tap the Edit button at the top of any selected playlist, then the minus button to remove songs from it. You can also hit Delete to get rid of the whole playlist (this does not remove the songs from your device, of course). Use the Clear button to remove all the songs from the playlist, but to keep the playlist itself. To add songs, just use the Add button at the top right, and do the same steps as above.

To edit on the iPad, tap the playlist you want to edit, then the Songs tab at the bottom left. An Edit button will show up, as well as minus buttons to remove individual songs or the entire playlist. Adding songs is also simple; simply tap the Add Songs button, and then Done when you’re finished.

[Source: Apple]

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  • ImTheMacDaddy

    Will these playlists sync back to the desktop iTunes?