Spies Can Officially Start Using iOS Says Australian Government


Real-life Ethan Hunts have been officially approved to use an iPhone

We’ve already seen some pretty crazy uses of the iPad and iPhone in spy movies, but it looks like iOS is getting an official nod of approval as a mobile operating system worthy to be used in spy games. The Australian government just approved iPhones and iPads to be used for the storing and sharing of classified documents, meaning Ethan Hunt wannabes Down Under can look even more bad ass in their espionage attempts.

Mike Burgess, acting director of Australia’s Defence Signals Directorate, gave the official approval for iOS 5 devices to handle information classified at the “Protected” level after Apple’s software was put though a number of rigorous test. iOS 5 has received favorable security reviews by experts compared to Google’s Android operating system that provides little protection against malware attacks.

“Embracing new technologies, such as smartphones and tablet PCs, provides government with a genuine opportunity to conduct its business more efficiently,” said Mike Burgess. “However, the threat of government information being stolen or compromised is also very real.”

Not only did the Aussies approve iOS for Protected documents, but they also released a 62-page guide on how to “harden” iOS to offer better protection. You can view the guide here and possibly pick up a few tips from Austrilia’s Department of Defence to make sure no one sees any of those naughty documents you’ve got hiding on your iPad.

[Apple Insider via MacGasm]

  • i_says

    uh… this headline is grossly misleading.

    in australia classified documentation goes TOP SECRET, SECRET, CLASSIFIED, PROTECTED (which is what is what the iphone has been approved to carry), in order of decending importance.
    this is probably analogous to what most of the world calls “Restricted” information, and the USA calls “for official use only”

    restricted information usually doesn’t have anything to do with national security or interests (which the other classifications do). it is usually reserved for things like banking information, witness identities, stuff like that.

    this is still fairly impressive.
    but veeeeeeeeeeery faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar from “spies can officially start using iOS”