This iPod Nano Concept Better Is Than The Real Thing


I'd trade my crappy square Nano in for one of these in a second
I'd trade my crappy square Nano in for one of these in a second

We love us a good iConcept design here at Cult of Mac, and we especially love those which appear to be better than the Apple product they are based on. So I’m happy to bring you Enrico Penello’s iPod Nano Touch, a great-looking update to the terrible iPod Nano.

While Enrico’s concept incorporates Wi-Fi, FaceTime, a home button and other unlikely frivolities, the real meat of his design is in the shape. The current Nano is terrible. To use the thing you need two hands: one to cradle it and one to swipe the tiny screen.

Making it longer like this would sure make it easier to hold, turning it back into a one-handed device like almost every iPod before it. It also makes hitting the volume switches easier, and the extra space would allow for a battery more than powerful enough for the slightly bigger (taller but narrower) screen.

That said, Wi-Fi would actually be pretty sweet, if only for grabbing the latest episode of the CultCast over the air. But what do you think, dear reader? Is the Nano in need of a redesign? And if so, is this it?

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  • Daniel Fernandes

    I quite enjoy the current version of iPod nano. It’s really small and that’s why it’s called nano. This iPod concept makes no sense because iPod Touch exists and having a device like this (which is almost the same size of iPod Touch) would make it a “less expensive” iPod just to listen to music.

    Also, some functionalities like being a watch would be taken away.
    Apple made a smart move separating the two devices despite iPod’s Classic discontinuation.

  • martinsdudek

    I actually like the current nano for the watch capabilities.

    This as a future iPod touch i can get behind though.

  • Neil Cole

    Sorry don’t like the lumpy bit on the back. Lacks style. 7/10 must try harded

  • Aditya Kumar

    I sort of disagree with the screen shape, a long screen is terrible for displaying text. In the above photograph, they have very comfortably tilted the screen angles for the weather and the song list screen. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t fit in anything. If you reduce font size to fit in long sentences in that narrow screen, then the entire look of the screen will be pretty ugly. Though ergonomically preferred, Apple would never advocate this I reckon.

  • bluefalcon75

    Oh, absolutely not – that elongated thing is horrible, and we have enough larger iThings that we carry around.

    Get a watch band (my preference) or something similar if you are having problems operating the nano, either due what can only be assumed to be freakishly large hands or problems with motor skills.

  • Steven Zahl

    The Hump at the vack is UGLYYYYYY!!

  • Jairo Gomez

    I disagree, I think Apple should keep the design and take this iWatch concept even further.
    They should put a camera on the side so that people can take pictures while they still have their nano on as a watch, and they should add bluetooth so we can get notifications from our iPhones like new emails or new text messages. also we would be able to use wireless bluetooth headphones for music.
    Apple would be stupid to change the current design in my opinion.

  • Luis Dominguez

    “This iPod Nano Concept Better Is Than The Real Thing”

    I am not one to question peoples grammar, but Cult of Mac constantly has problems like this. Does anyone ever reread what they type and isn’t there an editor checking these things. My grammar is far from perfect but I also don’t get paid to write articles.

  • Flyphoenix

    That just looks werid. We don’t need another iPod touch it just looks ugly.

  • tcahill2

    An editor Yoda needs.

  • Mark_Benson

    These stupid designs make me sick !!

  • Mark_Benson

    Thanks God Apple doesn’t hire stupid designers like Enrico Penello, this guy must be retarded.

  • Dave Chin

    I don’t like it. Seems like a HUGE step back since it’s reminiscent of the 1st gen shuffle.

  • Richard Migneron

    Maybe Apple should call it the iPod Mini Touch (or iPod Touch Mini) and use this design. Leave the Nano like it is for those who want a watch !