Clever Waterproof iPhone Case Obsoleted By Software Update


The clever camera butons on this case are broken by the iOS 5.1 update
The clever camera butons on this case are broken by the iOS 5.1 update

You know what? You could probably do a blog about only iPhone cases and you’d still have something worth reading. Provided that the world keeps coming up with cases like this super-specialized iPhone Scuba Case, an underwater shell which gives you access to the camera app as you dive, that is.

The sealed plastic case costs $85 and is good down to 30 meters (100 feet). There’s a wrist strap to stop you losing it to Davy Jones’ locker, and three buttons on the front. And the placing of these buttons turns out to be rather ingenious.

One button hits the iPhone’s own home button, letting you wake it, trigger Siri and do anything else you can do with the home button. Two buttons above let you tap the camera shortcut icon on the lock screen, and also to toggle between the video and stills camera in the app. And the top center button takes the shot.

It’s very clever, but the recent update to iOS 5.1 makes the case completely obsolete. IPhones now have a sliding button to access the camera from the lock screen, so this case won’t work at all.

A shame, as it’s a clever idea otherwise.

[Via Andrew Liszewski]

  • Tim Griskus

    Hey Charlie, how about you do some more research before you post a story and make it look like the company has failed. They posted a solution on their FAQ portion of their site to help fix the iOS 5.1 issue, seems like a temp fix but it’s a fix anyways. Kinda shitty on your part to put this good idea in a negative light by saying it’s obsolete now.

    Additional steps to be taken by iOS 5.1 users.

    1. Put your iPhone into NEVER sleep mode.
    This prevents your iPhone from going to sleep when placed inside the TAT7 case.
    Settings > General > Auto-Lock > Never

    2. Move the camera app / icon to the bottom right of the iPhone static bar.
    This enables you to re-access the camera app in case the Home button is pressed.

    3. Start the camera app on your iPhone then insert iPhone into the TAT7 case.

    4. Seal and snap away!