IKlip Studio iPad Stand Is Sturdy Enough For Rock Stars


Sturdy, cheap (-ish) and flexible. There's a lot to like about the iKlip
Sturdy, cheap (-ish) and flexible. There's a lot to like about the iKlip

You know, I used to think custom iPad stands were kind of a dumb idea, especially as the Smart Cover is already a stand. But I watch movies and TV shows in bed with The Lady, using an iPad and JamBox balanced on one of those breakfast tray/table things. And after one too many iPad tumbles, I’m ready for a sturdier stand.

And the iKlip looks as good as any.

The iKlip is billed as “the studio desktop stand for iPad,” but at $30 it’s cheap enough to use for anything. It’s made from solid plastic, has a multi-position rack for various tilts and — as it’s designed to be bashed around when you use the iPad as a keyboard or suchlike — it should be sturdy enough for bedtime movie duties.

In fact, the only studio-specific feature is a detachable bracket for holding your iRig guitar interface.

The nice thing about this stand is that it is so open. You can use it in any orientation, inside a case or out, and even prop the iPad up in portrait while still plugged in.

Will I buy it? Nah, probably not, I have so many iPad cases around the place waiting for review that I can always find something to prop up my iPad. Then again, I’m not a musician.

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