Old Film SLRs Become New iPhone Charging Docks


Give a new home to a poor dead old camera
Give a new home to a poor dead old camera

Do you have an old film SLR lying around that you promise yourself you will one day load up with film and take out shooting? Well, forget about that — it’s just taking up space and picking up dust. You should instead do what Etsy-er Roberto Altieri does, and turn it into a dock for the camera you actually use every day: Your iPhone.

Roberto takes old film cameras and turns them into iPhone charging docks. These all-metal monsters are hefty enough that they’ll never fall over, and they all have plenty of knobs and dials to twiddle when you’re supposed to be working or paying attention to a conference call.

Roberto’s Etsy store — LaboratorioAltieri — is currently low on stock due to demand, which is all the more reason to make your own. With a Dremel, you should be good to go, cutting a slot in the front plastic body cap for the 30-pin connector and drilling through the tripod mounting hole to run the cable out again.

The trickiest part would seem to be remaking the cable after threading it through the thin holes. And given that a) Roberto has clearly mastered this already and b) his docks only cost from $39 to $49, it might still be worth waiting for him to make some more.

[Via PetaPixel]