This MacBook Touch Concept Is Utterly Crazy [Video]


Are you fingertips aching with the desire to get intimate with your MacBook screen?



I’ve never had an insatiable hunger to fondle my MacBook Air’s screen. I got an iPad, and she gets the job done. But some people are dying for touchscreen MacBooks because of some weird delusions that having a keyboard attached to their device at all times is an absolute necessity – nevermind that voice-dictation will be the input method of the future. This MacBook Touch concept video/commercial attempts to envision what a touchscreen MacBook Air would look like. I think it’s crazy in the “damn-that’s-so-silly-ugly-it’s-neva-gonna-happen” sense, but you might think it’s crazy in the “cool” sense.

Take a look and let us know what you think:



The biggest problem with the concept is that the entire thing hinges on some magically awesome and completely unrealistic hinge that has ridiculous flexibity but the strength to maintain any given angle. Is it possible? Probably not. Isn’t it silly that you would flip the keyboard around to the other side and use it to prop up the screen at an ergonomic level so you can use a touch screen keyboard that sucks? Plus it’s a lot thicker than an iPad. And you’d be scratching up the keyboard and backside when the device is completely folded over.

Am I the only one that thinks this concept is silly? Or would you like to see Apple come out with something similar in the future?

[via Gizmodo]

  • Aleksandr Green

    OMGOMGOMGOMG I WANT THIS!! Why is this not real!!!!

  • Rob Stevens

    “I’ve never had an unsaitable hunger to fondle my MacBook Air’s screen.”

    The word you were looking for was “insatiable.”

  • Derek Schlicker

    The iPad will turn itself into the MacBook way before this exists.

    Only a matter of time before the keyboard is completely optional on all inputs and discouraged (much like the optical drive)

  • mr_bee

    anyone know what the song is?

  • Jarrett Tilford

    It’s called “using your iPad with a bluetooth keyboard.”

  • Onesimo Ramos

    How about the physical keyboard?

  • oliverterrisse

    The song is “lights out” by Santogold

  • Kiril Zemlyakov

    For those who asked about the featured song in the video.

    Santogold – “Lights Out”.
    Album: Santogold (2008).

  • andycapps

    Looks like whoever came up with the concept was heavily influenced by the Lenovo Yoga that was revealed at CES this year. Great concept and it looks very cool, but obviously if you use it like a tablet it’s going to be pretty thick, but if you use it like a laptop it’s going to have fingerprints all over it. Might be sort of a jack of all trades but master of none.

  • James Winstanley

    Total CGI. I’m also not keen on a laptop that does not have an optical drive (Three rules of computing: Backup. Backup! and BACKUP!). And why use a virtual keyboard when you have a functional one? I doubt Apple will ever come up with something like this, but eventually, tablets will become very ubiquitous. Let’s just hope the politicians don’t blow us all to kingdom come before that happens.

  • Pablo Sebastian Herrera

    just trash, all tablets that manufacture and sell them all useless they only need to check your facebook or wasting time on twitter. But for those who need real computing power and efficiency of use of computers really are indispensable! keyboards no lies, no phone operating systems on them. It takes real OS, many ports, connectivity, DVD and BluRay drives, powerful video cards, RAM even more powerful, faster HDD and huge … that is what is expected from Apple, that’s what should make the rest are just small toys ridiculous.

  • imajoebob

    As a buyer of a Ti PowerBook, I’d trust Apple with this new hinge like I’d trust MS with Security or Adobe with managing CPU load.

  • TopAgentWebsite
    I really like this new version!
    I was never really sure about ipads, but I think if I could afford it, I would this tablet/notebook :)
    I guess it does not have CD room :P
    Regards Caroline,
  • jazzybest

    Each has unique and different use and by combining like MS Surface is trying to do you end up with an inferior combined product. I have both the IPAD and Macbook Air and I use each for different purposes. Each has unique function and customized for that function.