Apple Approved Taposé App Brings The Microsoft Courier To Your iPad


You can do a lot of things with this new app, including note taking by hand.
You can do a lot of things with this new app, including note taking by hand.

Most of you probably remember the mythical Microsoft Courier. Concept videos of the rumored tablet started floating around during the original iPad launch two years ago, and then the project was canned to make way for the upcoming Windows 8 tablets. We all thought that Microsoft was about to make a bold entrance into the tablet market with something fresh and interesting — instead we got this.

The Courier will never see the light of day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a similar interface on your iPad right now. A new app called Taposé bears a striking resemblance to the Courier concept.

The app’s developers:

It only took four months, three rejections, one appeal win and then reversal of said appeal, management UI review, and then one more final review for good measure to get Taposé approved.   Words can’t express how happy #TeamTapose is right now, and terrified at the same point.  Will Taposé even be able to live up to the hype with version 1.0?  We will soon see.

Official description:

Created to help busy iPad owners do more, Taposé — aptly derived from the word juxtaposé — is a multifunctional productivity, multitasking and content creation resource that provides users with a collaborative multimedia Journal, fully featured Web Browser, Interactive Maps, and much more.

Perhaps it’s most uniquely impressive aspect, Taposé’s productivity features are connected to the cloud, meaning that users have unprecedented power to collaborate with others in a unified virtual workspace in real time and across different platforms.

A highly intuitive slide bar dissects user’s iPad screens, enabling each of the apps feature to be used in tandem, transforming how users get things done on the go.

The devs call their app a “multitasking, collaboration, productivity, and content creation” tool. While early reviews note that the app can tend to be laggy, a gigantic 2.0 is already planned that will apparently be like “comparing the first iPhone with the 3G.”

Taposé looks like a very creative take on collaborative productivity and content creation for the iPad. The app features a cloud-based Journal that can store text, drawings, and media for access elsewhere. You get 400MB of space for free and there are other storage options available as in-app purchases. There’s also integration with services like Evernote and Dropbox for sharing your stuff online.

You can download Taposé now in the App Store for $3. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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