LogMeIn Pro Now Allows You To Stream HD Video From Your Mac To Your iOS Devices


LogMeIn Pro users can now stream HD video from their Macs to their iOS devices.
LogMeIn Pro users can now stream HD video from their Macs to their iOS devices.

LogMeIn has rolled out a new feature to its Pro subscribers today, now allowing them to stream high-definition video from their Mac to other devices capable of accessing LogMeIn, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch via the free iOS app. The feature is sure to be a welcome addition to those who have just adopted the new iPad with its Retina display and super speedy 4G connectivity.

Matt Kaplan, vice president of products for LogMeIn, describes the new feature as an “amazing experience” on any device:

“Anywhere, anytime access is an expectation for today’s mobile, multi-device user and justifiably so. With the new HD streaming capabilities, Mac owners can get the full benefits of their multimedia content, whether for work or for play, from virtually anywhere in the world. We see it as an amazing experience on any device, but combine it with the LogMeIn app and a new retina display iPad and you’ve got what we believe to be a remarkable solution for displaying, playing and working with today’s highest resolution media.”

LogMeIn certainly isn’t the first app to provide this kind of service; there are plenty hanging around in the App Store. But it obviously offers a number of other incredibly useful features alongside it, like remote access to your Mac, and the files stored on it.

The only downside is, the feature is only available to LogMeIn Pro subscribers paying $40 a year for the service, so don’t expect to see HD content if you’re a LogMeIn Free user.

[via MacStories]