Nikon D800 Has Best Sensor Ever Made, Beating Even Hasselblad


Thinking about a medium format camera? The Nikon D800 might be just the thing
Thinking about a medium format camera? The Nikon D800 might be just the thing

Nikon’s D800 is the best camera in the world, according to camera and lens rating supremo DxOMark. Or rather, it has the best sensor DxOMark has ever analyzed. With a score of 95, it even beats out its big brother, the Nikon D4. It even has an “unmatched quality-to-price ratio,” being the cheapest of the top eight cameras on DxOMark’s charts.

The D800’s sensor has 36.3 megapixels, and it seems every one of them is good. The camera was tested shooting portraits, sports and landscapes, and even scores close to the best medium-format cameras. DxOMark even said that the sensor has “no weak points.”

What makes it so good? Great low light performance, shooting at up to ISO 2853 before image quality starts to drop, a color depth of 25.3 bits and a dynamic range of 14.4EV, the widest range DxOMark has ever measured.

Not bad, huh?

I used to own a D700 (I sold it as I almost never used it) and it was a fantastic camera, powerful but easy to use. The D800 is very similar in design, but with this great new sensor. Of course, these tests are all science and no art, so if you’re used to using Canons, say, you should probably stick with them as they work so differently (I hate using Canons just because the control scheme is so alien to me, even though I know they’re fantastic cameras).

Speaking of which, next up at DxOMark will be the new Canon 5DMkIII. The fight is on!

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  • toastroom

    25.3 bits eh? Since when is a bit not the smallest unit in computing anymore?

  • TopAgentWebsite

    Its a nice cam, but way to big. I like to look inconspicuous… but with that thing around my neck everybody will be checking me out think what da heck im taking pics of :)

    If it could do what it does, but it was the size of a iPhone…. then…. we would have a super gadget!
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    Regards Caroline