Five Fun Games For the Weekend



Here’s a selection of games to take you through the weekend from Mac Games and More. Games include a medieval RPG where you play a megalomaniac monarch, an addictive alien shooter, and a challenging puzzler set in Amsterdam. Click on the images to see a larger screenshot.

king maniaKing Mania – Are you the type of person who depends on a real premise in a game to be able to take over the world? Do you really need a story backdrop to play? If you’re from the Yes-I-need-a-reason-and-a-story-to-fight-the-enemy school of gaming, this isn’t for you. You see, this action strategy game, King Mania, has no solid explanation for you to be taking over enemy territory…and the makers of the game aren’t ashamed about it, either. What they do have for you is an entertaining, humorous game set in a fantasy world where you set out to build on the strength of your monarchy until you acquire a bunch of potatoes and become the most powerful ruler of the kingdom. Download it

poker superstarsPoker Superstars II – Poker players, get rid of the serious faces; they won’t be needed here to play a lively game or more of Texas Hold ‘Em with your favorite poker superstars. They may try to intimidate you but keep a level head and remember all the tips you’ve learned in the game, and you could be well on your way to winning big. If you happen to lose big instead, at least it’ll just be virtual money that you’ve lost and not your real, hard earned cash. Download it

Puzzle QuestPuzzle Quest – Puzzle Quest manages to somehow marry an odd couple: a match three jewel game with a sim. Then, for good measure and years of happiness there’s some RPG thrown into the mix. Within a medieval setting it of course will ultimately involve an epic adventure of good versus evil. So, expect to become the hero (well, depending on how you will play) in this unique and unexpectedly refreshing hybrid of a game; Battle enemies, capture castles, recruit armies and fight with the goal of building an unstoppable empire that will prove your worth to the Warlords. Over 150 Challenging Quests. Download it

titan attacksTitan Attacks – Titan Attacks was an instant hit some time back, but just in case you missed it the first time around, it’s featured here. Shooter game clones come and go like the wind but Titan Attacks manages to hold on to its staying power because of its addictive excellence. With slick, eye grabbing graphics this modern take on Space Invaders will hook even those gamers who are not likely to play these kinds of games. I can attest to this statement because I got completely sucked in and I usually pass on shoot ’em ups (with a couple of exceptions). This one might possibly hook you from the very beginning. You’ve been warned. Download it

curse of the amsterdam diamondCurse of the Amsterdam Diamond – Hidden object games have become a huge part of some gamers’ lives and I would be remiss not to include one here every now and again. Travel vicariously by playing the excellent Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond, and wander the old European canal town while solving puzzles in the most famous places targeted by tourists. By solving games and puzzles you will come closer to lifting an old curse hovering over the city. Pay special attention to the Carre Theatre, the Rijksmuseum and the Flower Market. Who is responsible for the curse? What is hidden there? Why are you looking for hidden objects? Where is the diamond? Download it