DIY Cop Dash Cam: Drill a Hole in your iPhone Windshield Mount



Since I mount my iPhone on my windshield for easy access to my music, I thought it would be appropriate to drill a hole in the plastic to let me take pictures and video while driving. It wasn’t difficult to do. If you have a dremel or a drill you can crank this out in 3 minutes. The plastic is durable enough to handle the pressure of the drill and there isn’t any cracking.

I have the Griffin WindowSeat which comes with adapters for ipod touch and the 1st gen iPhone. It’s a great deal/gift for someone who has an aux input in their car.

Hit the jump to see a video showing the DIY dash cam at work.

I took this video of my drive to work set to Animal Collective. The shot is a little high, but my windshield is angled awkwardly. Yours will probably be just right.