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Please Don’t Put Your iPhone in a Case


You should never put your iPhone in a case, like this metal Exovault case.
Never put your iPhone in a case, like this highly-protective metal Exovault.

When I first went to pick up my iPhone 3G, I was scared. I know what my hands are capable of: Horrible, unthinkable acts of clumsiness. I’ve hurt myself. I’ve hurt others. I’ve even hurt my kitties. So why would I want to put this salvific piece of tech gold into harm’s way? I need to protect this treasure, specifically because I don’t have another $600 to spend on a replacement. And I will be needing one soon.

But I don’t put my iPhone in a case. You shouldn’t either.

I really have only one reason why my iPhone doesn’t wear clothes, and it offends iPhone case owners every time I talk about my decision. Sure, I can mention that I don’t like the current selection of cases, but that isn’t true. I really would love to have a macro lens option on my iPhone, so the Griffin Clarifi taunts me every time I walk into the Apple Store. I can show you exactly where it is: second shelving unit, bottom row on the middle right. I can also mention that I don’t like the scratches that cases put on the iPhone, but if it’s in the case all the time, you’re really never going to see them, are you?

My only reason for going caseless is this: A case doesn’t allow me to experience the iPhone. It just means I’m using a bulkier, less attractive iPhone.

I don’t use a screen protector for the same reason. I’m just not getting the same experience if I add all this protective gear. Seriously, you look better when you’re not wearing a retainer and safety goggles. It’s a fact.

Scratch Resistance and Apple Care

Believe it or not, your iPhone is scratch resistant where it matters most. I throw my phone onto sandy countertops. I put it in the same front pocket as my keys in my tight jeans so you know there’s some rubbing. And I have yet to see a scratch on the front of my iPhone. Granted, the back has scratches and wearing on the corners, but that’s not important to me and apparently a case does that to your phone anyway.

Also, my current iPhone is a replacement for my last iPhone which was a replacement for my first iPhone. Because I don’t have a case on my iPhone, dust gets under the screen and eventually builds up to the point where I can’t stand it anymore. When I took my phone to Apple, they replaced it with a new one the first two times. Last time I went they just replaced the screen rather than the whole phone.

The Trade Off

So yes, if you work construction and you like to jackhammer and talk on the phone then you should put that gorgeous piece of technology in something protective. And yes, if you go caseless you’re going to get lint under your screen. But no casual case is going to save your baby from that urinal. And since a case can’t offer you potty insurance, why not enjoy your phone the way Steve meant it to be?


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