87% Of iPhone 4S Owners Are Still Using Siri At Least Once A Month [Report]


Siri is still popular among many iPhone 4S owners, but not everyone uses it to its full potential.
Siri is still popular among many iPhone 4S owners, but not everyone uses it to its full potential.

For some iPhone 4S users, Siri is a novelty that quickly wears off within a week or two of unwrapping the handset. But believe it or not, 87% of iPhone 4S users are still using the intelligent assistant at least once a month, according to a new study. Not many of them are using it to its full potential, however.

A survey of 482 iPhone 4S owners performed by Parks Associates has found that 87% of them are using Siri at least once a month to make phone calls, send text messages, and to find information. But not many users are asking Siri to play their music or schedule meetings.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Making phone calls and sending text-messages are the most popular activities, according to the report, a sign that Siri usage is mirroring how people use their phones more generally. Roughly a third of 4S owners use Siri to place phone calls, send text messages, or look up information daily or almost daily.

Many other Siri services are getting little pickup, however. They include playing music and scheduling meetings. Thirty-two and 35% of 4S users, respectively, said they had never used Siri to perform those actions. Those categories also had some of the lowest percentage of users that did either daily or almost daily.

The survey also found that 55% of iPhone 4S owners are satisfied with Siri, while only 9% were unsatisfied. The rest were “somewhere in between.” Some described the feature as the “best thing since the invention of toast,” while others said “it’s very disappointing.”

Siri usage has likely been boosted by Apple’s recent iPhone 4S commercials, which have all featured Siri prominently to show off its capabilities. And it’s likely to grow over time as the feature exits beta and Apple expands its functionality.

Are you using Siri on your iPhone 4S?

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  • i_bad_apple

    SIRI accuracy – i’ve never had a problem with the accuracy of SIRI – i use it all the time to dictate emails and control my phone. a friend of mine has had a horrible time with it. it never translates what he says correctly. so we did a test. i put both phones next to each other and dictated the same message at the same time to both. mine translated correctly – his – not at all. that meant to me that there must have been something wrong with his microphone (although he has no problems making calls) so i told him to bring it back to apple. he did – they gave him a new one – and ta-da – SIRI now works!

  • Flyphoenix

    I’ve had my phone for two months and I still use Siri sometimes. I find her helpful! :D

  • lwdesign1

    Siri is terrific! I use her every day to make calls, find addresses, wake me up, set reminders and set calendar appointments. She plays whatever I want and for most activities she makes my 4S hands-free. For a “beta” project, Siri is stunning and provides a level of automation and artificial intelligence that I hadn’t expected to see for many years into the future. I used to think I was born too early technologically to see all the really cool sci-fi stuff, but Siri and Apple has changed my mind. Apple has launched technology into the world that has utterly changed the way people do business, organize their lives, communicate and entertain themselves. Yes, Siri can occasionally have problems, but 90% of the time she saves me time and effort, and makes using the new iPhone 4S a very pleasant experience–and she’ll only get better as time moves forward.

  • WesleyP

    I still use Siri, but only when i’m driving and I need to make a call or send a text. It’s very useful.

  • abdelmonim

    Why Siri doesn’t provide maps and directions in Canada as was promised? Apple promised to have this service available by Feb 2011………!!!!!!?????????