These 5 Ultra HD Videos On The New iPad Are The Future Of YouTube


Your grandpa's never seen videos like these

You know all about the new iPad’s retina display and how ridiculously gorgeous pictures and retina graphics look on the shiny new screen, but what about video? The 1080p resolution of HD videos is great and all that, but the new iPad has a 2048p resolution, which means even if you’re watching a high-def video there are still a lot of pixels that aren’t utilized to their full potential. We wanted to know what video will look like on our new tablet once ultra-hd videos become more popular, and even though 2048p clips are scare, we found five videos that showcase just how awesome online videos are going to look on the new iPad really soon.

Right now there aren’t a lot of devices that capture video at 2048p, but lucky for us NASA has a couple ultra-hd videos they’ve posted. Animation studios can also create ultra-hd videos by boosting pixel count for their CGI movies – like Sintel below – and if you want to make your own ultra-hd movie at home you can use a still images camera that can take pictures at 2048p to make a still-motion or time-lapse movie.

The videos are embedded below, but we’ve included a link to go to YouTube proper for the full res video.

Solar Coronal Holes

Giant Twisted Solar Filament Eruption

LOOP: The Movie


Rolandia PR

[via Fast Company]

  • Rob Stevens

    The only way the iPad 3 has “2048p” resolution is if you’re viewing in portrait mode. And if the movie was already shot with a landscape aspect ratio, you’re not getting all those pixels, because the iPad will shrink the video to fit.

    iPad 3 could theoretically be said to have 1536p resolution, but since most movies are shot in a 16×9 aspect ratio (unlike the 5:4 ratio of the iPad), you’re not going to use all of that vertical resolution either. Just stick with 1080p video. It’ll be just fine.

  • HornKirsten14

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  • MrMLK

    Wow, apparently the future of video is pretty boring.

  • Cold_dead_fingers

    Most movies are most certainly not shot in 16×9. Most movies are shot in 16×10.

  • Eirikur Granneman

    What movies are shot in 16×10? Most are shot in 1.85:1 (wider then 16×9) or 2:35:1 (even wider)