AirServer Video Mirroring Blows Away Laggy New Apple TV


Real Racing now looks almost as good mirrored on your Mac as it does on the iPad
Real Racing now looks almost as good mirrored on your Mac as it does on the iPad


The video above is probably enough to make iPad 3 owners rush out and buy a copy of AirServer for your big-screen Mac. It shows the difference in the speed of video mirroring natively to the the Apple TV 3 and mirroring to the Mac using AirServer. The first is dreadfully laggy. The second is like playing with a wired controller. But that’s not all: The newest version of AirServer processes the video before displaying it, making for much better results on the big screen.

AirServer is a great $15 app for the Mac which broadcasts itself on the network, showing up as an AirPlay receiver. This new version lets you mirror games and other apps at up to 2560×1440 at 70 frames per second. It is also so responsive that there is almost no lag between the two.

This speed increase is accompanied by even better graphics, achieved by shifting the work onto the graphics processor. Usually mirroring just scales up a small image to a bigger screen, something iPad 2 owners using pixel doubled app will be all to familiar with.

What AirServer does is to process the incoming stream on the Mac (you can adjust the processing using settings in the video window on your computer) to sharpen them, tweak saturation, contrast and brightness and even lets you flip the screen horizontally or vertically.

And of course you can always just stream un-mirrored movies to your Mac.

I’m a big fan of AirServer. I bought when video support was still new, and it just keeps improving. Recommended.

[Thanks, Andrew!]

  • GeekJenJen

    A 27″ iMac with a desktop class state-of-the-art quad-core CPU is faster than a cheap settop box for 99 bucks.

    Noooo reaallly?! Who knew? What a revelation! 

    Stop the presses! Post this as breaking news. At least. Make it sticky on the top. 
    Prepare the class action suit. 

    (for the less gifted people : that’s what you call sarcasm)

  • FriarNurgle

    No surprise here. Hopefully mirroring will get better with the Apple TV. 

  • John S. Wilson

    lol. Seriously. Great comment. Plus I have last year’s Apple TV and it’s not as laggy as they claim. It’s very nice. 

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