Steve Jobs Would Have Worn Cult of Mac’s New Tee Under His Turtleneck



Here’s an obvious fact: Steve Jobs loved computers. And since Steve also liked to make a fashion statement, it only makes sense that he would have ordered at least 50 of Cult of Mac’s new Lisa-inspired graphic tee.

Who’s Lisa? Why she was only one of Apple’s most iconic computing failures. Maybe her stratospheric 10k price tag was to blame. It obviously wasn’t her boxy good-looks that did her in.

But we loved her, and now you can too. We partnered with Seattle indie brand Might Tees to bring Lisa’s vintage appeal back to life on our new In Love With Lisa graphic tee.

Our new tee is finely crafted right here in the beautiful USA, ships worldwide, and is available right now over at

  • Justin

    I agree!

  • Joseph Hachey

    Ummm….you must not have read Steve Jobs’ biography. Steve Jobs would NOT wear that t-shirt. In fact, Steve hated the Lisa, was woking on the Mac in parallel, and doomed the Lisa at it’s initial announcement by stating in press releases that the was going to be out in a few months, is a far superior computer for a fraction if the cost and non of the software would be compatible. Steve Jobs HATED the Lisa.

  • Sdreed91

    What a terrible way to advertise the shirt for potential buyers. Yes I would love to wear a shirt that represents a computing failure. What great advertising.

  • applewax

    Post is crass and in poor taste. You’re better than this.

  • therealkris

    I agree with applewax. You can do better.

  • Phathom

    What do you think he is buried with?

  • mr_bee

    Steve Jobs had taste and style.  

    He wouldn’t wear one of your ugly, crappy tshirts that you hawk on this site like some kind of crazy street person.  By my count this is the fifth article pushing these tshirts and all they are is a ripped of clip art graphic of an old computer.  
  • Wackintosh


    it’s not our fault you probably printed way too many of these ugly pieces of garbage and now can’t sell them.

    yes, this is definitely the fourth or fifth time you tried to sell these terrible shirts on this blog… give it a rest already and donate the remainder to goodwill or another charity.


  • Terra Evony

    You are a shit head Efron Elijah

  • ApplePr0n

    Lol, wasn’t there a post on this forum about how people are trying to profit off of Jobs’ death haha. IRONYYY