Reset Your iOS Device And Remove All Of Its Content & Settings Without iTunes [iOS Tips]



If you’re selling, giving away, or scrapping an old iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you’re likely to plug it into iTunes and hit the restore button to remove all of your personal content and reset the device’s software back to factory settings. But did you know that you can do all that without iTunes?

Here’s how to reset your iOS device and remove all of its content and settings without iTunes.

First, open up the Settings app on your device, then tab on the ‘General’ tab. Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap ‘Reset’.

Now tap ‘Erase All Content and Settings’ and confirm your action by tapping the ‘Erase iPhone/iPad/iPod’ button.

Your device will now restore itself and once it’s finished, you will have a fresh install of iOS — as if your device was just unwrapped.

  • Brennan Hickey

    will this “un-jailbreak” your phone?

  • joewaylo

    ” you will have a fresh install of iOS “

  • Ernesto Garcia

    Tried on my JB 4S and didn’t work at all

  • EssTee3

    This is the way to do it if you are selling it on. If you do it through iTunes then your Apple ID will still be on the device (though they still need your password obviously to do any harm.)

  • Jack McClauren

    Would the next person to have my iPhone be able to setup their own iCloud account after I do this kind of restoration?

  • Fact_check_nao

    “… you will have a fresh install of iOS” … Wrong.

    Content= your data, songs, angry birds save files, apps, etc. etc. Not the iOS.

    Settings= wifi network passwords, preferences, mail accounts, etc. etc. Not the iOS

    This is documented in the Apple Knowledge Base ht1414 and other articles.

    This ‘tip’ is wrong. Embarrassing. ONLY by using iTunes can you restore the iOS installed on a device back to factory.

  • Fact_check_nao


  • Fact_check_nao

    Also incorrect. Your AppleID is NOT ‘on’ the device if you restore via iTunes.

    If you sell your device don’t forget to unregister iMessage first, however.

  • Fact_check_nao

    Yes, a device can set up any number of iCloud free accounts.

  • Fact_check_nao

    Don’t expect shit to work right if you failbreak.

  • ktmunited

    Isn’t this a stale news?I use to do it aince i had 3g

  • iDaveG

    Really?! I have had three iPhones and two iPads and if I reset via iTunes found my Apple ID is still on the device. 

  • Fact_check_nao

    No such thing as a ‘reset’ via iTunes. There is:
    -back up
    – restore from backup
    – update iOS
    – restore iOS

    After restoring the iOS if you choose to retire from the backup, then yes your AppleID and other settings will be there. If you choose set up as new, then no settings such as AppleID are there.

  • Fact_check_nao

    Indeed. This was a feature of iOS 1.0.