Gadget: Logitech Squeezebox Streams iTunes Via Wi-Fi


The $200 Squeezebox Radio Streams Music Via Wi-Fi
The $200 Squeezebox Radio Streams Music Via Wi-Fi

Logitech today introduced two new ways to stream your DRM-free iTunes Plus and other music collections. The Squeezebox Radio is a standalone device which streams iTunes, Napster or Sirius. Using a six-button navigation system, and the unit’s color screen, you can flip through album art, track and station listings, along with visualizers, the company announced.

The 5.12-inch by 8.66-inch by 5.04-inch radio also serves as an alarm clock with a display that automatically brightens depending on lighting situations.

The Squeezebox Radio offers “clear sound with minimal distortion” Logitech claims. The company said the unit has a 3/4-inch high-definition, soft-dome tweeter, plus a 3-inch high-power woofer. A 3.5mm headphone jack is also included.

If you want a mobile Squeezebox Radio, you’ll need the optional rechargeable battery pack for up to six hours of tunes.

The $300 Squeezebox Touch Works With Existing Radios
The $300 Squeezebox Touch Works With Existing Radios

For those who already own a decent radio, but are intrigued by the streaming Squeezebox ability, Logitech also offers the Squeezebox Touch. As the name implies, the biggest difference between it and the Radio is the Touch’s 4.3-inch touchscreen. The $300 Squeezebox Touch integrates with an existing radio and Wi-Fi network, using samples up to 24 bit and 96kHz. A USB port and SD Card slot are also available.

The Squeezebox Touch can be wall-mounted, using an optional bracket that can also hit cords and cables.

The Squeezebox Radio is available with an optional red unit available at the Logitech Web site and select retailers. The Squeezebox Touch will be out in December.

[Via Gizmodo and Logitech]