Snap A Photo Of A House And This App Will Tell You What It’s Worth And What’s Inside


Be a nosey neighbor with this real estate stalking app
Be a nosey neighbor with this real estate stalking app

You know the drill. You take a walk around a nearby neighborhood at dusk, when it’s dark enough that people have switched their lights on, but not late enough that they have closed their drapes. You glance through the windows and get a tiny, thrilling glimpse into their private world.

But what if you want to get even creepier? How many bedrooms does that house have? How much is it worth? Does it have heating? The answers to these questions can be had using an iPhone app called HomeSnap. Just snap a photo of the home, and it will pull up the details in seconds.

HomeSnap gets its information from the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, a U.S-wide system used by real-estate brokers. The developer — Sawbuck — doesn’t say much about how the app works, but I suspect that the photo-taking element serves only to remind you, the user, which house was which. After all, with a good GPS location and the compass info to tell which direction you’re facing, it shouldn’t be too hard to work out what property you’re looking at.

It seems to work, though. The App Store reviews have an average of 3.5 stars for all versions. It’s just a shame it’s U.S-only, as I’d love to be a nosy neighbor in my own barrio. On the other hand, it also means my neighbors can’t snoop my place.

  • joewaylo

    I can see the cops being called with you taking a photo of their property.

  • Bob Forsberg

    Hope the iPad App is in process.

  • MacHead

    Tested it out the other day on my own house and got a fairly accurate valuation. But the photo feature isnt required. You can snap a picture of your carpet and get an accurate result. So it definitely just uses GPS and the pictures are for reference after the fact.

  • zadigre

    I don’t know the law in the US, but here in Canada, you can legally take a photo of everything as long as you are on a public property (ex: on the street or on the sidewalk)