Porthole Streams Mac Audio Over AirPlay


Stream any audio from your Mac to your AirPlay speakers, not just iTunes
Stream any audio from your Mac to your AirPlay speakers, not just iTunes

Porthole is a Mac app which will stream all the audio coming from your computer to AirPlay speakers, instead of just the music from iTunes. It’s kind of like Rogue Amoeba’s excellent AirFoil, only much less fine-grained in terms of control.

Once installed, Porthole sits in your menubar and detects any AirPlay devices on your network, like Apple TVs and AirPort Expresses. Pick one, and instead of coming out of the Mac’s speakers, sound is sent to these devices.

The audio will be slightly delayed, as Wi-Fi-based AirPlay is buffered in the receiving device, so forget about watching movies. But for music streaming it’s ideal, and at €8 ($10.50) it’s all a deal. If you want to send the sound from a single app, and not your entire system audio, then check out the aforementioned AirFoil, which will do just this, and even has a movie player which syncs sound and picture.

[Via LifeHacker]

  • m_hardwick

    +100 for AirFoil, it’s amazing, and you should definatly check that out too before purchasing!

  • Sune Jûrgensen

    Avoid AirFoil. They milked their customers when OS X Lion came out and some tiny bug would cause Airfoil to crash. Instead of giving their paying customers a free fix, all users who had switched to OS X Lion had to shell out another $15.

  • JamesCubR

    Well that’s just false. I had Airfoil 4 and got a free update for Lion. I certainly didn’t pay.

  • JamesCubR

    Looks interesting but for a few bucks more Airfoil seems like a better deal. I tried this out and it is very very clunky. I’ll stick with Airfoil.

  • djrobsd

    AirPlay needs some serious help.  It constantly cuts out on the 2.4ghz wireless if you live in a major metro area… Not really sure how to fix it since the iPhone doesn’t support 5ghz wifi…. Such a pain, it works for a while and then it just suddenly starts cutting out.  Until Airplay works properly on my iphone, I’ll skip all these apps.  

  • Sune Jûrgensen

    Good for you. I had 3.something, and I had to pay.