Why Your Smart Cover Or Magnetic Case Doesn’t Work With The New iPad



It might not be an issue for you, but some users who have purchased new iPads have found that the magnets of their existing cases won’t turn the display on and off. This doesn’t just go for third-parties, either: even some old Smart Covers won’t turn the screen off.

What the heck’s going on? As it turns out, there’s a small change in the way the new iPad that only applies to magnetic cases: polarity now counts.

As it turns out, the new iPad’s Smart Cover wakeup isn’t just based on whether or not a magnet is in the proximity of the sensor, but on that magnet’s polarity. In other words, which direction the magnet is facing.

Most Smart Covers are fine, but some of the first batches of Smart Covers apparently have this problem. In addition, many third party cases also have issues, with some case makers now offering replacements.

So there you go. If your Smart Cover doesn’t work with the new iPad, it’s disappointing, but at least now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

[via The Verge]

  • K Jackson

    Captain Planet references?

  • Michael Doran

    GI Joe! not captain planet. good gosh.

  • ichiroa

    I hope they do the same with the laptops. It gets really annoying because my living room table has some magnets in the corners or if you stack a MacBook on top of another macbook the top one easily goes to sleep. One more example, women with magnetic bracelets will cause the computer / iPad to sleep.

  • Jenga107 on Twitter

    Note:You do need to go to Settings>General>iPad Cover Lock / Unlock and turn it ON first

  • Mike Rathjen

    Well thank goodness men with magnetic bracelets don’t cause the computer / iPad to sleep!

  • reviewsbyisam

    True, but if you read the article you would know that that’s not what this issue is about.

  • dale2582

    Finally Brownlee, a article that’s informative and worth reading

  • vikassaraswat

    What rubbish!

    It just works fine.
    I have it right in my hand and just now I tried, it works flawlessly.

  • dale2582

    Did you buy your smart cover with your “new” iPad? I think he means the first batch of smart covers when the iPad 2 came out

  • trex67

    I have 2 Smart Covers (one leather, one vinyl) that were both purchased within the first couple of days after the release of iPad 2. They both work flawlessly with the new iPad.