Apple Thinks These Geometric Shapes Are Way Too Sexy For Your iPhone


Should visual geometry be considered pornography?

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30 responses to “Apple Thinks These Geometric Shapes Are Way Too Sexy For Your iPhone”

  1. Jonathan Ober says:

    it’s abstract, but it’s still erotic in nature as to what it is trying to depict. I am sorry but Apple can and usually does keep out the things they want to keep out…I think they should do more to keep out the cloners and fart apps but they will always be there. This is porn, like the name of the app suggests and if Apple wants to keep it out they can.

  2. prof_peabody says:

    every source for the video use says “video not available,” so I guess because of censorship, most of us will never know if this is erotic or not.  

  3. Bob_Zimmerman says:

    Wow, that was as strange of a video as I have ever seen on the internet.  It was like a robot viewed a couple in the act and were depicting what the acts were or some such. The fact is that it is crude and there is no way that something like this will ever be approved. Like it or not, Apple’s store, Apple’s rules.

  4. Tim Meesseman says:

    What it is is irrelevent. The app is clearly designed to depict erotic imagery on the icon and the name of the app was purposefully setup to show “porn” when truncated.

  5. Aaron says:

    Try clicking on the Vimeo icon in the lower right corner. I can never get Vimeo’s videos to play when embedded on another site either. Maybe AdBlock?

  6. tornacious says:

    I grew wood: Pr0n!!!

  7. Guest says:

    This is porn I don’t care what the dev says .

  8. joewaylo says:

    Apple bans Geometic Porn. Gee. Who would have guessed why? I guess “Porn” is a violation of the TOS with Apple.

  9. Spam says:

    Totally useless app, it should be banned. Worse is the dev getting his 15min for it. 

  10. vanmacguy says:

    I’m with avid23, it’s porn.

  11. vanmacguy says:

    I’m with avid23, it’s porn.

  12. thehibbs says:

    Um, yeah it’s porn. I don’t mind porn myself, but it’s against Apple’s TOS, so…

  13. GeoFarrell says:

    He lost me at erotical.

  14. Nourez Rawji says:

    Is anyone else turned on right now?

  15. Roland Lindner says:

    Here’s the proper Vimeo link…

  16. Len Williams says:

    Even though the artwork is constructed of geometric shapes, it’s easy to identify what’s going on. It’s obvious that the intent of the app is porn, and even says so in the app’s name. I agree with Apple’s ban. Kids can easily see and download this stuff, and it’s too graphic for young ones. It’s no big deal for adults, but there are millions of kids with iOS devices.

  17. Joshua Tan Siew Meng says:

    Porn. But my, what ingenuity.

  18. Shaun Green says:

    Yet another example of Apple’s nanny state rules telling me how to live my life. If Apple wants to impose such rules they should be forced to open iOS devices to allow third paty app stores so users can make their own rules without having to jailbreak their device. I simply do not agree with censorship in any way shape or form and I don’t need Apple telling me how to bring up my kids.

  19. MySkyizBlue says:

    Gross, anyone else see the money shot?

  20. MySkyizBlue says:

    if you want to watch porn on ur iOS devices use pornhub.
    And as far as censoring goes, Apple has a freaking app in the app store that lets you sell make-believe drugs for make-believe money. it can’t get any rawer than that

  21. Django Spaghetti-O's says:

    I love porn. But I have no love for this abstract porn. 

  22. Christopher Jr. Riley says:

    Um… I see… porn on the app name… Apple can CLEARLY SEE the general concept of the content…

    *sigh :/

  23. Honyant says:

    Are you suggesting Apple are a bunch of TOSers? ;-)

  24. Honyant says:

    Only you.

  25. baby_Twitty says:

    Nobody is telling you how to live your life. Its just apple telling the developer what they don’t want on they iTunes network.
    Same as you can’t get PORN on free-to-air tv channels or at Walmart.

    Also, get a girlfriend, loser.

  26. Bernhard Häussermann says:

    That app is sick! And I don’t mean the good type of sick. I mean sick as in shockingly repellent.

  27. Michael Rygaard says:

    If you think this is porn in a literal way, )and not in a geeky mathematical way because of the sweet algorithms behind it(  your love life is seriously in the need for a makeover.

  28. ashley1969 says:

    Kids? With iPhones? That is the dumb part, parents need to learn control.

  29. ashley1969 says:

    That was just So Funny….

  30. Guest says:

    And I should take the words of a bald dude for advice ? lol

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