New iPad’s A5X Processor Is A Behemoth



In the desktop and laptop world, computer chips tend to get smaller over time, but with the A5X, Apple has gone a different route: they’ve actually made the chip bigger than its predecessors.

How big is the A5X? Over 310 percent bigger than the A4 shipped in the iPhone 4 and original iPad.

Though they are built upon the same 45 nanometer architecture, the A4 chip was only 53.3 mm square. Now compare that to the A5X, which measures in at a whopping 165 mm!

Of course, the A5X’s extra bloat mostly comes from the four massive cores of graphics helping to power that Retina Display. Still, this right here is why you won’t see the A5X in the iPhone 5: the smaller device doesn’t need that much graphics chutzpah, and even if it did, it couldn’t fit a chip this size inside its already jam packed innards anyway.

Check out some more images and a full breakdown over at Chipworks.

[via iJailbreak]

  • joewaylo

    They could still do it if they made it a 5″ display iPhone.

  • dcj001

    “The A5X is over 310 percent bigger than the A4.”

    You’re saying that the A5Xis more than 4.1 times the size of the A4. 

    Is that correct?

  • Roy Lin

    310 percent bigger = 3.1 times bigger

  • lowtolerance

    100% bigger would mean it is twice as large(a whole plus a whole). 310% would mean it is over 4 times as large(a whole plus 3.1 more wholes).

  • angermeans

    Yes, but will apple do a bigger iPhone? The real question is can they? What I mean is they have to keep the retina display a, well, retina display. They are unlikely to just add a higher res as the displays it he iPhone 4 (and 4s) and the new iPad had double the res both vertically and horizontally which equals exactly 4x the resolution and I’m sure they did that so that apps would be easier to wrote etc. So this begs the question will apple make a bigger screen iPhone? I think they could go a little bigger, but I’m willing to bet we will never see anything over 4 inches in he iPhone world.

  • Alberto Hernandez

    I expect them to introduce a quad-core A6 in the new iPhone.