Too-Close-to-Home Parody of Apple Product Lifecycle



I just stumbled across Mister BG’s all-too-real parody of Apple’s Product Lifecycle. This is my favorite paragraph:

The haters offer their assessment. The forums are ablaze with vitriolic rage. Haters pan the device for being less powerful than a Cray X1 while zealots counter that it is both smaller and lighter than a Buick Regal. The virtual slap-fight goes on and on, until obscure technical nuances like, “Will it play multiplexed Ogg Vorbis streams?” become matters of life and death.

It’s funny because it’s true. Well done, sir.

Via Digg.

  • joie

    “The bedwetting in Mac Internet forums reaches tidal proportions…”



  • sdude

    wait, it doesn’t play ogg vorbis? OMG!

  • DrRick

    Someone in Cupertino once told me “No one has seen everything on the WWW”. Pete, I REALLY enjoyed that. Thanks!