iTunes Producer Is Now Available Through Software Update, Is iTunes Going Indie?


iTunes Producer is usually reserved for big shot label moguls, but right now, you can play with it too.
iTunes Producer is usually reserved for big shot label moguls, but right now, you can play with it too.

Indie musicians have long had a difficult time getting accepted into iTunes, but it’s possible that’s coming to an end. Apple has just released it’s iTunes Producer 2.6.0 software update to a number of users, despite the fact that it has historically only been available to musicians, record labels and other partners of Apple’s iTunes Connect portal.

It could just be a standard SNAFU, of course. In fact, that’s probably the most likely explanation: if Apple was opening up iTunes to indie musicians, it’d surely be accompanied with a press release. And, in fact, if you download iTunes Producer, you still need to be able to log in through Apple’s iTunes Connect portal, making it impossible for the average busking pleb to actually try the software out for themselves.

Even so, this is intriguing. I have my fingers crossed this isn’t just a mistake, and instead, an indication of an exciting new announcement to come.

Here’s iTunes Producer 2.6.0’s release notes:

iTunes Producer 2.6 includes several new features:

Now you can look up metadata using multiple Vendor IDs simultaneously
For delivery issues, Send to Apple now supports entering notes
For music, the following are now supported:
– Alert tones
– Customizable territory groupings for rights and pricing
– Improved user interface for adding and editing translations
For books, the following are now supported:
– Target Audience, Pre-Order Start Date, and Series Display Number using the “New from file” feature
– Expanded language list

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15 responses to “iTunes Producer Is Now Available Through Software Update, Is iTunes Going Indie?”

  1. AJ_X says:

    I just installed this through Software Update and every time I use Software Update, iTunes Producer 2.6.0 appears as an update even though I already have it installed. I think this may be a mistake?

  2. Skywaytraffic says:

    For anyone who is actually a musician, this is terrifying. If any horrible, just learned to play music, jackass kid can easily get their music on iTunes, then iTunes loses all credibility as a music purchasing site. There will be no prestige associated with it and will lose the “quality” that makes it iTunes. It will become a cluttered mess full of garbage just like every other music site in existence. It’s not that hard to get on iTunes, but as of now, it’s just tricky enough to actually warrant being a decent musician and it weeds out the people who don’t care enough to figure it out. Make it too easy though, and iTunes comes crashing down.

    I hope to god it’s a mistake.

  3. MySkyizBlue says:

    itunes is already filled with garbage, most are no name scammers that use other musician’s names in their music to try to trick people to buy their music thinking it was someone else

  4. Alex says:

    iTunes already features such great artist as Ke$ha and Lana Del Rey so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to “quality”.

  5. Shaunathan Sprocket says:

    skywaytraffic’s post is very interesting.  This is the exact same arguement the big Encyclopedia companies made when they saw wikipedia.

  6. Timothy Williamson says:

    Maybe Apple will create a new category of music in iTunes called “Cluttered Mess Full of Garbage”, or “Cluster-Eff” for short.

  7. Skywaytraffic says:

    Ha! Touche my friend, but you see my point I’m sure. haha

  8. Skywaytraffic says:

    Deifnitely, but if this is made public, that could increase 100 fold. Scary.

  9. Skywaytraffic says:

    The difference being, Wikipedia is generally regulated. If someone posts some crazyness, someone else will take it down in a matter of hours or even minutes. But iTunes hosts intellectual property. Once it’s available, it stays unless the artists gets rid of it.

  10. Skywaytraffic says:

    I would be totally ok with that haha

  11. Skywaytraffic says:

    Also, I don’t even remember the debate against wikipedia. Shows my age I guess haha total youngin’

  12. Robbll says:

    Having the same problem here as well, AJX. I see it downloaded itself twice already, installed twice and then will NOT let me log on. This is strange indeed!

  13. John Foster says:

    ITunes is not just music. It also covers video and iBooks. You will no longer get the loop of being asked to reinstall iTunes Producer once your Apple ID has been extended so you can upload your own iBooks.
    I suspect it was an unintended consequence that folks without the extended Apple ID would see the repeating loop of the software update.

  14. rockinrors says:

    The App Store hosts intellectual property, that has never stopped Apple.
    Just a quick change in the iTunes Store T&C’s, and Apple will regulate like crazy.

  15. Jake Brosy says:

    iTunes Producer has been available for quite some time to anyone who sets up an account to sell books, music, etc. I have been creating and putting content on iTunes for well over a year and I’m definitely NOT a “big shot label mogul”.

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