Get 20% Off All Apps With These Discounted iTunes Gift Cards [Deals]


You might need this to stock your new iPad with apps.
You might need this to stock your new iPad with apps.

It’s been an expensive month for many the Apple fan. The new iPad isn’t cheap, and after spending between $500 and $830 on a new top-of-the-line tablet, it might be hard to scrape enough money together to actually furnish your iPad with apps, music or movies.

Don’t worry, we got you covered. Here’s how to save 20% off all App Store or iTunes purchases.

It’s easy. Right now, Best Buy is selling iTunes / App Store gift e-cards for 20% off their retail meatspace price. All you need to do is buy one of their digital cards, redeem it in the iTunes Store and then buy apps as normal.

Here are some direct links:

• $15 iTunes Gift Card For $12.

• $25 iTunes Gift Card for $20.

• $50 iTunes Gift Card for $40.

• $100 iTunes Gift Card for $80.

Better act now: the offer lasts until supplies sell out, or 12 hours pass, whichever comes first.

[via Obama Pacman]

  • ronenm

    Free money? don’t mind if I do.

  • Vincent

    Look for the AmEx Twitter coupon, which rebates you ANOTHER $10.   Makes these iTunes deals a real steal.

  • pekerman

    Is it only valid for the US iTunes Store? Can I redeem it in the Spanish iTunes Store?

  • shannon_f

    Bought the $50 one last time this came around, gettin the $100 this time :) thanks for lettin us know!

  • Rob Hagemeyer

    these links are taking me to ebay not and going to and searching for itunes gift cards only pulls up normal prices

  • marmaduke25

    edu, im afraid it is only valid for the us store. However, you could get a US account and make purchases there. you just have to sign up in each appropriate account.

    I would not advise you to use it to buy apps or music that you want to permanently use and keep (for instance, every time you upgrade an app you will have to change your account in your device). However for itunes rental it is a great deal

    unfortunately, it seems that you cannot buy an itunes store card at best buy with a non-US credit card or paypal account. So, unless you know any friend who is willing to buy it for you, you are out of luck

    !mala suerte!

  • Chuck Freiman

    Got the $25.00 card for $20.00.  Thank you for the heads up!

  • thehibbs

    The links seem to all be going to the apple site or ebay. I would never buy a giftcard from ebay!

  • MrBambinoDent

    It’s over already.