New iPad Boosts Sales By 156%, ‘Measurably’ Outselling The PC


Customers line up for the new iPad outside of Apple's Fifth Avenue store.
Customers line up for the new iPad outside of Apple's Fifth Avenue store.

Analysts predict that Apple’s new iPad, which has already sold over 3 million units, is shaping up to boost sales of the device by a whopping 156% year-over-year. The tablet is expected to become “measurably larger” that the entire PC market.

Gene Munster, an analyst with Piper Jaffray, says that most analysts expected the Cupertino company to sell between 1 million and 2 million new iPads during the device’s launch weekend. But in fact, it far exceeded those targets, shifting instead 3 million units within its first three days.

Those numbers suggest Apple will sell around 12 million iPads during the current quarter, with a year-over-year growth of 156%. Furthermore, the device will become larger than the entire PC market, according to Munster’s note:

We believe the unprecedented ramp of the iPad over the past year is evidence that the tablet market will be measurably larger than the PC market.

While the iPad has been slowly losing some market share to rival tablet devices, it’s unlikely to be taken over by a competitor any time soon. In fact, Muster believes that the iPad will remain the top dog with a majority share of the tablet market for at least the next three years.

During 2012, Munster predicts Apple will sell 66 million iPads in total. That’s a staggering amount, but not when you compare it to the 176 million iPads Apple is expected to sell during 2015, according to Munster.

Mark Moskowitz, an analyst with JP Morgan, said the new iPad launch was “staggering,” and that we will see “break-out growth” following its huge launch weekend. But he also believes that iPad sales will be boosted even further by the rumored arrival of Microsoft Office:

Currently, the enterprise vertical represents less than 10% of tablet units, but once Office is available on the iPad, we think that enterprises will regard the tablet as a productivity device.

These are numbers that rival tablet vendors can only dream about. Like many Apple devices, the iPad is only going from strength to strength, and while others may try to compete, it seems unlikely they’ll have any real impact on the iPad’s market share.

Carry on laughing at those lines outside of Apple stores, Samsung.

[via AppleInsider]

  • Mohamed Mesbah

    The title should’ve been : “iSheep line up for Pretty much the same iDevice on Apple 5th ….”

  • steffenjobbs

    The Wintards will still insist that the Windows desktop PC is the most relevant device on the planet.  They are definitely in self-denial.  Oh wait… Every consumer in the world is holding off to buy a Windows 8 tablet which will bring relevancy back to Microsoft.  After all, Microsoft and Windows was the driving force of their tablet initiative for the last ten years.  It’s only by a stroke of luck that Apple sold more tablets in a weekend than Microsoft and partners sold for the entire ten years.  Yeah, consumers just love Windows tablets.

  • steffenjobbs

    Who cares what you call those average consumers?  Any tech company would sell its soul to have those customer queues for its products.  Instead, most Wintel PC sellers are running stores for the ghost population.  No lines, no waiting, no sales.

  • Alex

     Windows desktop PC is the most relevant device on the planet. “

    The world runs on PC’s not tablets ….  

    Those of us that have jobs  where “real” computing is done know that ….  And then there are the people that have no clue  why or how most of the things around them work.