Trigger Happy Transforms Your iPhone Into A Brilliant DSLR Camera Remote [Photography]



Stick with photography long enough, and eventually you’ll need a a camera remote so you can trigger your DSLR without touching it.

Trigger Happy, an applaud-worthy idea currently on Kickstarter, let’s you do just that, but with your iPhone and one simple cable instead of one of those expensive, camera-specific triggers.

How’s it work? You simply plug one end of the Trigger Happy cable into your iPhone’s audio jack, then the other end into your DSLR’s shutter cable input. Now the Trigger Happy app can do its work, allowing you to manually fire your camera or set up single or repeating timed shots.

I love this idea because it’s not tied to one camera platform; it wouldn’t require me to carry any extra gear around; and unlike most remote triggers, it can be easily updated with new features with a simple app update.

I want it! Do you? Then you better pledge your support on Kickstarter now. A fifty-buck pledge will get you the Trigger Happy cord and its accompanying app once they’re ready. Hold out like a cheapskate, and you’ll end up paying TH’s eventual $70 retail price.

[via petapixel]

  • Fitz

    Got my remote for $20. It’s cheaper, does exactly what I want it to do AND I can still use my phone for entertainment while I’m shooting a time lapse. Good luck to them though!

  • yodacola

    Wow, this looks amazing. I can’t wait to get mine! The remote looks very portable and better than any other substandard iphone offerings out there.