What Happens When You Shoot A New iPad With An HK53 Assault Rifle? [Video]



It spits out the bullets, laughs in your face, rips out your heart, consumes it as it steams and then, without drawing in a single breath, screams a primal scream as it stares, unblinking, directly into the sun.

No, just kidding. Gorilla glass or not, it turns into Swiss Cheese. Still, beats those stupid drop tests, doesn’t it?

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  • crateish

    Ooh, what manly men. Advice for them: Viagra may not be cheap, but it’s cheaper than this pointless exercise. 

    ‘Will it blend?’ is at least, clever.

  • Srose428

    I love and hate this at the same time.  I wonder how many new iPads were bought this weekend and immediately destroyed/disassembled.  

  • Griffincomputers

    I wonder if he got AppleCare+.

  • Jason Smith

    This has to be the most dumbest most obnoxious Apple hater video out there, seriously bro I am military and love rifles, shotguns, and pistols but to use them on an Ipad.  Get a grip bro shoot something else.  

  • CharliK

    doesn’t matter. Intentional damage isn’t covered and this is clearly intentional

  • CharliK

    wacking off is cheaper. 

    and ‘will it blend’ was clever for perhaps the first 10 times. now not so much

  • imajoebob

    Answer: you annoy the living shit out of non-sociopaths.

  • Wes

    They should have given that iPad to me! What a waste of $500 :(

  • MacRat

    It does matter.

    Buying AppleCare means they threw away even MORE money.

  • AdamTro

    But then he wouldn’t have a video of himself pointlessly shooting up an iPad now would he? #paradox

  • crateish

    Yeah, I meant to say ‘was’ clever.

  • iPHONElover1

    How is this so annoying? I think this video was great and I was hoping Blendtec would blend an iPAD 3 as well but he did not for what ever the reason is. Atleast we also get to see an iPAD 4G get microwaved and this person actually made art out of his new iPAD he got on the March 16th 2012 Launch day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… Sometimes it’s just really cool to see people do unconventional things with everyday conventional things. That does not mean they are apple haters, they are just experimenting on exciting products to see what will happen I guess for the sake of science or art.

  • aishu gopi

    He doesn’t know the meaning of apple care.

  • bondr006

    “What Happens When You Shoot A New iPad With An HK53 Assault Rifle?”

    You get to be called a STUPID MORON!

  • joewaylo

    Goes to show how much they loathe technology. They destroyed an iPhone 4, iPad, and I have seen a list of technology they are willing to blow holes into at 2:53. iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 1, iPad 2, iMac, XBOX, Android Tablet, and a blender.

  • Sam Parmenter

    Doesn’t show anything other than their own stupidity. Its like someone asking if cutting someones head off will kill them. You know the answer before you do the test. A piece of thin metal, glass and electronics vs a gun. I can almost understand the twats that just drop it to break it but to “see what happens” when you shoot an iPad qualifies you as a retard.