Users Find The New iPad Gets A Little Heated When You Play With It


Retina display. Quad-core graphics. 4G LTE. Hotplate.
Retina display. Quad-core graphics. 4G LTE. Hotplate.

Apple’s new iPad packs a number of new features that the Cupertino company has been quick to boast about since its unveiling, but there is one that it’s yet to mention: Take the tablet to bed on a cold winter’s night and after half an hour’s reading you’ve got yourself a nice warm slab of aluminum to cuddle up to you.

Unlike its predecessor, the new iPad seems to be suffering from some overheating issues during prolonged periods of use. And it’s causing a number of early adopters to become pretty concerned.

Apple’s Support Communities forum is becoming flooded with complaints from new iPad adopters who aren’t happy with the heat their device chucks out while they’re using it. While they say that the device doesn’t become hot enough to burn, it is uncomfortable.

The thread, titled “New iPad overheating,” now has over 130 replies and more than 11,000 views. Wordfanne reports that their device is reaching 96.8 degrees during use:

My 64gb, wifi/LTE new ipad is 96.8 degrees currently (and must have crafty artificial intelligence because it’s as if it KNEW I’d brought out my laser temperature scanner and cooled down for reading).  It has been very hot to hold, lower left side, since first use. I’ll continue to monitor with scanner..

BeersYourFriend says their iPad became “scorching hot” while playing Real Racing 2:

Try playing Real Racing 2, and tell me if yours gets hot or not… I just got done playing about 10 minutes of Real Racing 2, and it is scorching Hot!!! Thank god I have a case, but when I slide my had into the case to feel the back, it its Hot Hot Hot! Not temperature errors yet, and am surprised its able to function at such high temps… What’s going on here?

Barbaroonie claims that Apple replaced their iPad because of the overheating issue:

Okay so I took mine back to Apple and they replaced it no questions asked. Said they hadn’t yet heard this prob and were very accommodating.

Some users report that disabling certain features, such as iCloud backup and 4G LTE, and turning down the iPad’s brightness does keep it running a little cooler. But of course, you didn’t buy this device with these features just to turn them off.

It appears that the problem is widespread and it’s worth noting that a number of the reviews for the device did point out this issue. However, unless the heat becomes unbearable or your iPad becomes inoperable, it shouldn’t be a serious concern. We certainly don’t expect this to turn into “overheatinggate.”

[via AppAdvice]

  • Alberto Hernandez

    It does tend to get warm after a short time of use. Hopefully it’s something that can be fixed with a software update? 

    I don’t know if it’s just me but I can never have the brightness below 100% unless im in complete darkness.

  • joewaylo

    So you can fry an egg on an iPad 1st generation?

  • GregsTechBlog

    I’ve c

  • GregsTechBlog

    Type your comment close to killing my battery playing games, and it’s gotten a bit warm, but never hot, and the screen is always cool. Cold just effect some people or could be an exaggeration.

  • Richard

    I used the demo units in the Apple Store and one of them was a little warm, but it wasn’t hot enough to make a big deal out of it.  One of the other units, which was a 16G non-4G LTE version wasn’t hot at all.  I think it might be with the 4G LTE components is my guess, but overheating to the point where it shuts off or gets too hot to touch?  I don’t know about that.

    If there is a heating problem, maybe it can be addressed with a simple software update.  I am sure we’ll find out.

  • baby_Twitty

    I have read numerous feedback on some forums that IF YOU TURN OFF most of the USELESS location services and notifications, the new iPad actually runs MUCH COOLER.

    so guys, try it.

  • Christian Schoch

    I have a new 32GB WiFi only iPad and tried to heat it up by playing 30 minutes of Real Racing HD with brightness set to 100% and connected to the charger. It does get a little bit warmer than my hands temperature on the lower left side, but far away from being worth to be mentioned. If I hadn’t read about this issue, I wouldn’t have recognized it at all. Maybe it really is an LTE iPad Issue.

  • Christopher Clancy

    It’s not an LTE issue. My 32Gb wifi only does it. It gets quite warm. Not a burn concern, but it is very warm and very noticable. I noticed it using it the first time. It does seem to be less if the back is left open to the air. No case and not leaning on anything. My iPad 2 never did anything of the sort. I am concerned about the long term issues this could create.

  • Jackson Myers

    I’ve noticed this too. While it doesn’t get scorching hot, it does get noticeably warm while the iPad 2 never seemed to change temperature while in use. It definitely seems to me that this is related to GPU intensive tasks such as playing a 3D game. I rarely feel any temperature difference when  doing something like reading a book or browsing the web.

    My biggest concern is that this temperature change might affect the battery. Generally Li Ion batteries don’t do so well when they get too hot.

  • MySkyizBlue

    funny picture

  • David

    So, why was an original iPad used for the photo…?

  • nolavabo

    Overheating and becoming warm are not the same thing. Hence the “over” part of the word.

  • Larry2112

    I have been using mine for the last 4 hours straight and havent noticed any warmth whatsoever.

  • CharliK

    True, but folks on the discussion board over at love to exaggerate and turn everything into a major crisis so they will make a heatgate out of this because it is what they do. 

  • Billy Brecker

    My MacBook Pro gets a little hot sometimes.  Here’s a picture of sizzling sausage on a Powerbook G4…

  • Porkbamboo

    Comment of the year.