Bluetooth iPhone Remote Triggers Camera From 30 Feet



I start to feel twinges of separation anxiety when I get more than a few meters away from my iPad, so I can’t really imagine why anybody would want to use a remote shutter release for their iPhone that can trigger the camera from up to 30 feet away. But here it is, for you braves souls who can manage to cut the iApron stings: the iPhone Shutter Remote, from Photojojo and Belkin.

The Remote consists of three parts. Two are hardware: the Bluetooth trigger and the clip-on stand which props up the phone as you shoot. These both clip together into a compact, pocket-sized package.

The third part is software. A companion app from Belkin lets you capture shots. It would of course be nicer to be able to shoot directly into the app of your choice, but as iOS keeps all of its photos in the same place, wherever they come from, it’s not such a big deal.

You could also use it with an iPad, although that stand might not be up to the task.

The Shutter Remote will cost your $40. A great alternative might be the Bluetooth headset you already have. When paired, fire up the native camera app and just press the volume-up button on the headset to fire it. It works just the same as pressing the volume-up switch on the iPhone itself. You’re welcome.

  • scottmathison

    I use a Plantronics Voyager Pro Plus headset.  Pressing the Vol Up button with the iOS Camera running does nothing.  Pressing the Vol Up button on the phone itself DOES take a picture though.  Disappointed…

  • Bob Switzer

    After reading this article I fired up my Apple Bluetooth keyboard and sure enough, the Volume Up button fires the camera. No need for a new remote!