Fingerspoo: Fake Filth Wallpaper For Your Retina Display iPad


No matter how much you scrub, these smudges are never coming off
No matter how much you scrub, these smudges are never coming off

The picture above will be familiar to any of you who owns an iPad. Unnoticeable when the screen is lit up, but distracting in strong sunlight and disgusting when the screen is off, greasy, filthy finger marks are the worst thing about the iPad.

Except that the picture above is actually a Retina-ready iPad wallpaper, ready for you to download and disgust your friends.

It’s called Fingerspoo: Retina (aka. “The new Fingerspoo”), and it comes from Lonely Sandwich, a.k.a. Adam Lisagor, the face of and brains behind many, many internet promo videos (and the deadpan one from the You Look Nice Today podcast).

The original Fingerspoo came out very soon after the original iPad, and has apparently proved popular ever since. Says Sandwich:

It flatters me that almost two years after I made this, enough people are still using it to warrant a Retina-compatible 2048×2048 version of it. So here you go. Knock yourself out. Let your fingers poo freely upon those pretty new screens.

I don’t yet have a new iPad, but I can only imagine the Retina display will give new depths of feculent reality to this vile wallpaper. Head over to Adam’s blog to download it.