Cult of Mac’s New Tee Is Inspired By 100% Vintage Apple



In our new Apple-inspired graphic tee, Cult Of Mac reached back into the year 1983 to breathe new life into this classic Steve Jobs creation.

The Apple Lisa computer debuted with a mere $10,000 price tag, but her epic cost left her lonely with nary a desk to sit upon. We liked her sexy style and vintage look though, so partnered with Seattle indie brand Might Tees to make her sexy-curves available again on our new In Love With Lisa graphic tee.

But here’s the best part: this new tee is finely crafted and printed right here in the beautiful USA, ships worldwide, and is available now for just $25 — only .0025% her original selling price!

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4 responses to “Cult of Mac’s New Tee Is Inspired By 100% Vintage Apple”

  1. Sam Brown says:

    Oh dear god yes. Take all the money. 

  2. snaab4 says:

    Please review your grade school arithmetic lessons.  25/10000 = 0.0025.  Converted to percentages, that’s 0.0025*100 = 0.25%

  3. Jabjabs Lefonte says:

    Got mine in the mail the other day, totally awesome.

  4. aishu gopi says:

    It’s funny

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